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Atascocita Senior Photographer

Atascocita Senior Photographer

Atascocita Senior Photography

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Senior Photographer Atascocita

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Atascocita Senior Photographer, Atascocita Photography, brings the best fashion, forward senior portrait experience to the Humble, Kingwood and Atascocita area. We photograph seniors across The Greater Houston Area.


Each Atascoita senior will have a consultation where we discuss the vision you have for your session. Are you all about the city, love the rustic look of the country? Lets go there! Do you have a favorite activity- we’ll incorporate that. I want each senior session to be unique and to tell your story. So bring all of your ideas to your consultation and we will mold them in to a fashion forward senior portrait experience with you in the title role!

When thinking about your Atascocita senior portrait experience one piece of advice I would give is to think about how many outfits you would like to wear. I would recommend that you plan out one outfit per 30 minutes of your session. Luckily, I have session options that are buildable so if you want to add on additional outfits to any session, that is easy to do. If you only want to wear one outfit, I can customize a session for you as well.


What kind of outfits should you wear for your senior portrait session at Atascocita Photography? Here are some tips on picking awesome outfits: 1. Make sure it is comfortable. You want to be able to walk, spin, sit and all around be comfortable to move during your session. 2. Avoid clothes with logos or text. You want to images to be about you, not the quirky text on your shirt. 🙂 3. Wear something Mom would love! You want at least one of your outfits to be something classic. You’ll use your portraits as gifts for your parents and family and they will love this outfit. 4. Wear something dressy. You can’t go wrong being the best dressed person in the room. 4. Wear your favorite outfit. You don’t need something brand new. Think about your favorite outfit that is currently in your closet. You should bring that to your session! you’ll feel great and confident for your portraits. Finally tip 5: look at your favorite fashion magazine. Look at how they layer pieces and pull in accessories when putting together a complete look. You’ll want to have at least three focal elements to each outfit. Such as dress, boots and hat or even jacket, scarf and earrings. Each layer and accessory adds texture and depth to your images.

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