Parent Beginner Photography Class

Parent Beginner Photography Class

Join Atascocita Photography for a fun low-pressure class to learn to take better photos of your kids and grandkids. We will sit in a casual group format and go over the topics below. We’ll also shoot some photos together and I’ll have some interactive labs set up for you to photograph.

Parent Beginner Photography Class

Next Class:

Sat Feb 25th at 2:30 in Atascocita. Depending on class size, the exact local location will be emailed to all class ticket holders.


We will cover the fundamentals of photography like:

What Does This Button Do? Get to know the camera you have and which buttons are most important.

The Three Things To Do Before You Take Each Photo.

The Exposure Triangle.

Composition- Make Visually Pleasing Photo.

Capturing Motion- Kids Move Fast!

Intro To Editing Photos.

Backup and Archival Storage of Digital Files.

Printing Your Photos.

Shopping For Your Next Camera.


What To Bring?

You should bring the camera that you already have!

Do you have an iphone? Great! Bring that. You can use my camera and learn what to look for in your next camera purchase. You can also bring a DSLR, Micro 4/3, Point and Shoot etc. Many of the fundamentals will apply to every type of camera. Also, bring  your camera manual. Either digital or printed format. I can’t know every camera button or menu layout but I can help you look up the answer in your manual. Bonus point: read the manual ahead of time to prep for the class.

Head over to my online store to purchase your class seat.   Remember to use the code LEARNPHOTO for $20.00 off your class seat.


Don’t Forget The PHOTO WALK!

Don’t forget to get your creativity flowing by coming to our free community photo walk this weekend.



If you have any questions, please email or use my contact form to get in touch.


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