Business Branding Photography for Montgomery TX Event Planners

Business Branding Photography for Classy and Sassy Chics Wedding Planning Montgomery, TX

Business Branding Photography for Classy and Sassy Chics Wedding Planning Montgomery, TX

Some businesses need a ultra formal online presence. Formal traditional headshots wearing a suit with studio style lighting on a solid blue or black backdrop. While, some businesses are more focused on creative services and want their images to showcase their personal style that supports the mission statement of their business. I recently had the opportunity to do some Business Branding Photography for Classy and Sassy Chics Wedding Planning Montgomery, TX

As an entrepreneur it is so important to utilize your unique talents to set your business apart from the crowd. Who would you remember more- the personal trainer who has a static headshot image with “yearbook” style lighting or the trainer who has an image of themselves working out in the environment where they do most of their teaching. You can use the images on your blog or website, as profile images for social media and on business cards and other print collateral, making your business more eye-catching and memorable while you stand out from the rest.

Who is Business Branding Photography for?

What types of businesses would benefit from branding headshot sessions in a creative and immersive portrait style? Realtors, Designers, Sales Professionals, Trainers, Public Speakers, Wedding Professionals, etc. Anyone who promotes their talent and knowledge as the primary service of their business.

The lovely ladies at Classy and Sassy Chics Event planning enlisted Atascocita Photography for a beautiful sun-drenched portrait session for their website. We kept it casual and fun for both Carol and Anna and the selected wardrobe to fit their individual personalities.

The ladies at Classy and Sassy Chics Event Planning, provide wedding and special event planning as well as decor rentals. They are based in Montgomery, TX but plan events throughout the greater Houston area. I wanted to give them an opportunity to tell us more about their business. I sent over some questions so we could get their story in their own words.

Who Are Class and Sassy Chics

Prior to having our headshot session, Classy & Sassy Chics Event Planning (CSC) was a wee bit apprehensive since neither one of us has had professional headshots done before.  We were unsure on what to expect with this new adventure of headshots especially since we are used to being behind the scenes. 

However, Stephanie quickly made us feel comfortable, and before we knew it, we were having a whooper of a good time.  We walked away from our headshot session feeling good about ourselves and eager to see the finished products since we are convinced that Stephanie uses magic considering how fast she had us laughing and enjoying the moment at hand.

Classy & Sassy Chics is the dream business of two best friends, Carol Pugh and Anna Zimmer.  The chics offer day of coordination, full wedding planning, and event planning services.   Anna and I have been doing event planning for many years together and separately albeit without pay while pursuing other careers.

Prior to becoming a junior high teacher 15 years ago, I worked in the legal field as a paralegal. Having to have all my ducks in row and timelines to follow, I found my niche which flowed naturally to being a teacher and a planner.  I’m kind of quirky in that I love the strategic planning of it all.  Anna is an administrative assistant as well as a creative genius of gorgeous invitations that you can find under Queen Z Creations on Facebook. She loves the aesthetics of it all!  We make a great team, but heads up, we may fuss and cuss a little but in the end, we find the happy mediums and make it happen for our couples.

We officially opened the doors to Classy & Sassy Chics in August of 2016 with my 25th Anniversary Vow Renewal.  We wanted to go through the planning for the vow renewal just like our couples would for their weddings in today’s world and use that experience to better help our bride and groom to have the wedding of their dreams.   We went through the search for a venue, caterer, makeup artist, finding a dress that would need alterations so I would have to use a seamstress, bartender, flowers, cakes, officiant, photographer, DJ, and videographer.  We even had to use our Plan B when it started to storm right before our outside ceremony began, but guess what?  It only enhanced the experience so that we can better help our couples.

We have done weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, and vow renewals to name just a few of our most recent events.  We absolutely love getting to do what we do best—our own special magic so to speak—where we begin weaving everything together to coordinate a uniquely special day for our couples to make sure their day runs without any hiccups.

Classy & Sassy Chics adore meeting couples and helping them create an authentic, memorable, and exciting wedding that people talk about for years to come.  The love and passion that we put in all our events is what makes our business special.   Our favorite service to provide is our goal to make dreams come to life.  Our clients come from all walks of life. Since we customize our services to meet our clients’ needs, our clients can be anyone.  We want to work with a diverse clientele.

Our customers choose Classy & Sassy Chics over our competitors because we are sincere and want to help them have the best day ever.  We will go above and beyond to make sure everything is as it should be.

Feel free to check us out at, Facebook @ClassySassyChics, Instagram @classysassychics, Twitter: Classy&SassyChics

Feel free to check out Anna’s beautiful and creative invitations, scrapbook pages, programs, or party favors to name a few on Facebook under Queen Z Creations @annascustominvitations

Ready to get your business branding imagery on point?

If you would like to set up a Business Branding portrait session for your website and marketing needs, head over to my contact form and get in touch. I can’t wait to start developing your session look and theme with you!

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