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3 Tips To Plan Perfect Senior Portraits {Session Style Guide}

3 Tips To Plan Perfect Senior Portraits

Planning the perfect senior portraits may seem like a daunting task, but I find it is one of the most exciting phases as a senior photographer here in Houston. I get to match up your personality and location and recommend what to wear. All of these rules are flexible and a guide when planning your dream senior portrait session!

1. Location, Location, Location!

One of the most impactful choices for your senior portraits is the location we choose to shoot at. This will impact the overall mood and help tell the story of you as a senior. Do you want to have a sun-filled portrait session in a field or a moody session indoors with super dramatic lighting? Are you a super athlete and love to ride horses? I want to incorporate that into your session. I’m always on the hunt for new, exciting and unique locations for my seniors. So if you have an idea, just ask and I can match your session with the perfect location.


Each detail we plan f0r your photoshoot really does add up to the whole picture! Small details like accessories and small props will bring your photo shoot from so-so to over the top! I love to add accessories to each outfit. For photography you can wear a few more accessories that you would normally wear on a day-to-day basis. You can stack on extra bracelets, carry a handbag, or top off your look with the perfect hat. There are so many styles of hats and that can be a good way to express your personal style! Shoes, please don’t forget to plan your shoes. Your feel will be in the photos and they are another element that can bring a lot of personality to your outfit.  Props are super fun to add into your portrait session. I like to keep props super simple or striking a dramatic. Sometimes I even think of props as fashion accessories and vice-versa. You can use a great scarf to give your hands something to do and add a pop of color and make one outfit look like two. You can also add something dramatic like balloons or flowers to your session. All of these details that you add on just increase the texture and layers of story that you are telling about yourself in your photos.

3. Hair and Makeup

One of the biggest questions I get from seniors and their parents is, “do I need to hire professional hair and makeup for my session?” Well, no  you don’t have to. This is a personal decision for each senior and is not required at Atascocita Photography. We have worked with many great hair and makeup artists and would love to recommend one to you. The thing is that the senior portraits are a special event that results in images and products that you will cherish for a lifetime. We want you to look super polished and to have the most fun experience possible. I think this includes using a professional for your hair and makeup. You can have simple makeup that is very natural with neutral colors. You can also have your hair done simply. On the other hand, it is a fun time to get glammed up as well. A professional hair and makeup artist will help you look your best with whatever style you desire. You won’t have to worry about your makeup melting off or your hair getting frizzy. The artists here know how to work around the Houston heat. After all, they often work with brides that are getting married outside so they are humidity experts. So gather your favorite images off of Pinterest or Youtube so we can share them with your artist to complete your portrait day look.



I hope these 3 tips to plan the perfect senior portraits help you to create an awesome session. Make sure to incorporate these ideas in unique ways and you will be sure to have a session that stands out above the rest. I can’t wait to design and photograph your perfect senior portraits. Get inspired by checking out some of my featured Houston senior portrait sessions and the use the Contact Us page to book your session asap for the best availability.



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